Past, Present, Future

This is a complete List of VIPS
that have hopped over to The Bunny Museum
- some didn't want their photos taken -
(actors, artists, designers, directors, musicians, singers, producers, writers):

Dominick Abel (literary agent)
Brooke Allison (singer)
Diana Alvear (NBC News correspondent)
Gayle Anderson (reporter, KTLA-TV)
Yovana Avalos (KWHY-TV, "Con Chile Y Limon")
Christopher Banninger (sound, "Up Close & Personal")
Dennis Bartok (producer)
Susan Bartok (producer)
Didi Benami (singer/songwriter, American Idol 10th pl, 9th season, 2010)
Matt Bennett (musician, soul/alt-rock band "Mercy Beat")
Rona Benson (actress, "Gilmore Girls)
Norm Betts (producer, “American Idol”, “So You Think You Can Dance”)
BBQ Bill (character played by actor, Rick Najera)
Shavi Blake (actor)
Susannah Bragg (director, writer, "Fifth Time Lucky")
Casey Brown (actor)
Andy Bruntel (director, filmmaker)
Goddess Bunnie (actor)
Michael Butler (beauty pageant coach)
Weston Cage (musician)
Adam Carolla (actor)
Mike Castellucci (reporter)
Dana Chab (actress)
Brian Chase (musician, "Yeah Yeah Yeahs")
Jeff Chiang (writer)
Cantara Christopher (writer)
Mel Clinch (singer, "Yes Me to Death")
Ben Colonomos (musician)
Mia Cottet (actress, "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion")
Mikal Cronin (musician)
Sandy Crisp (actor)
Katie Daryl (host, "Deadline" HDNet-TV)
Ruth De Jong (art director)
John De La Mora (dj)
Leslie Dixon (writer)
Veronica Delimat (actress, "Georgia Rule")
Rebecca Donner (author)
Elissa Down (director, "The Black Balloon")
Paul Eagle (architect, Perkins+Will)
Louis Enston (film student, Cal State University)
David Farkas (actor)
Bobak Ferdowsi (flight dir. Mars Curiosity mission, "Mohawk Guy")
Neil Flynn (actor, "The Middle")
Marla Frazee (children's book artist, not related to Candace Frazee)
Gib Gerard (actor)
Jeff Galante (actor)
Roland Galvan (weather, KTLA-TV)
Peter Gethers (vice president, Random House)
Beatrice Gibson (artist, filmmaker)
Kit Giordano (co-exec. Red Hour, Ben Stiller's film, TV, digital prod. co.)
Andy Goldenberg (actor, writer)
Nick Gordon (director, filmmaker)
Virgil Griffith (scientist)
Kim Gritzer (artist, theatrical set designer)
Guardian Angels (unarmed citizen crime patrollers)
James Gunn (writer, director)
Myriam Gurba (author)
Wayne Hackett (director, "A Baby Story")
Steve Hely (writer)
Daniel Hennessy (photographer)
Dan Holton (producer, "Housecat Housecall")
Huell Howser (producer, "Visiting with Huell Howser" on PBS)
Scott Ian (musician, "Anthrax")
Charles Irvin (artist)
Mikki Itzigsohn (musician, "Stone Darling")
Barlow Jacobs (actor, writer)
Han Jae-Jin (musician)
Corrie Jones (director, "Water")
Kathryn Jones (actress, model)
Richard Tyrone Jones (UK performance poet, writer, comedian)
Stephanie Kauffman (art and costume designer)
Nick Von Keller (producer, director)
Laura Kenley (actress)
Kelly Keyser (actress)
Justin Kibbe (writer)
Shane King (beauty pageant coach)
Audrey Kitching (scene queen)
Dave Klec (actor)
Michael Kohn (art gallery)
Alex Krause (writer)
Jeff Kuntz (producer, "Enough Already! with Peter Walsh")
Steve Kutcher (aka “The Bug Man”, spider wrangler)
Jonathan "Swifty" Lang (comic book writer)
John Larroquette (actor)
Sharmila G. Lash (singer, “Los Angeles Master Chorale”
Heather Le Roy (comedian)
James Lucido (musician)
Dave Ludmar (vice president, Eiseman-Ludmar Co.)
Laurie MacDonald (producer)
Allie MacKay (reporter, KTLA-TV)
Pam Mahabeer (host, "Eye On LA", KABC-TV)
Valentine Malone III (photographer)
Liv Marsico (musician, "Stone Darling")
Michael Matheny (writer)
Mia Matsumiya (rock violinist)
Laura McCreary (writer)
Kevin McCree (film student, Cal State University)
Francesca Mirabella (art and costume designer)
Lexie Moreland (actress)
John Stewart Muller (director)
Carder Nastri (actor)
Rick Najera (writer, actor, "BBQ Bill" on
Dan Nelson (singer)
Michelle Nyree (artist)
Karen O (singer, "Yeah Yeah Yeahs")
Lisa Osborne ("KFWB On Your Corner" CBS radio)
Graham Parkes (actor)
Jane Parkes (actress)
Walter F. Parkes (producer)
Benjamin Percy (writer, "The Wilding: A Novel")
Deedy Peters (actress, "House Calls")
Ericka Pino (news reporter)
Tomm Polos (host, "TP with TP: The Podcast with Tomm Polos")
Herbert G. Ratner, Jr. (Guinness World Record: most records in fishing sport)
Todd Rex (artist, sculptor, "I am Legend"; "Thor")
Reece Rios (actor)
Emma Roberts (actress)
Nancy Rubin (US rep. to the United Nations Commission for Human Rights)
Scott Russell (UTB Japanese TV)
Mark Salzman (writer, "Iron & Silk")
Nick Scharlatt (founder, Foothold Technology)
Guy Shelmerdine (commercial director)
Sally Shishmanian (producer)
Corrie Siegel (photographer, "Up The Rabbit Hole")
Kimberley Simpson (actress)
Cosondra Sjostrom (actress)
Doug Spinuzza (actor, “Road to Perdition”)
Stone Darling (music group)
Paige Stark (musician, "Stone Darling")
Norman Stiles (writer, "Sesame Street")
Alex Storm (make-up artist)
Daisy Tehon (actress, "The Little Fockers")
Nimisha Thakore (film student USC)
Leah Thompson (actress, singer)
Chris Urbanski (artist)
Jeffrey Vallance (contemporary artist)
Kathy Vara (news anchor, KNBC-TV)
Rene Vara (news camera, KNBC-TV)
Jane Velez-Mitchell (news reporter, KCAL-TV)
Dominic Verdin (boxing reporter)
Josh Waller (director)
Lindsay Weiglein (musician, "Stone Darling")
Elijah Wood (actor)
Diana Wright (comedian)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (music group)
Yes Me To Death (music group)
Meredith Zeitlin (voice over artist, "JC Penney")
Nick Zinner (musician, "Yeah Yeah Yeahs")


Adam Carolla
Veronica Delimat
Neil Flynn
Nancy Rubin
Jane Velez-Mitchell
John Stewart Muller
Elijah Wood
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Yes Me To Death


A few places
The Bunny Museum appeared on:
· China TV News
10 January 2007
· KCOP-13 News
(Los Angeles)
Website of the Day
11pm News
7 August 2006
· I Heart
Star! TV
26 March 2006
· Current TV News
6 March 2006
(Dallas, Texas)
With Mike Castellucci
4 January 2006
· SBS-TV News
(Seoul, Korea)
1 November 2005
· Too Late
With Adam Carolla
(Comedy Central)
22 September 2005
· Voice of America News
(for Asia)
11 April 2005
· Offbeat America
14 February 2005
· What’s Up?
(Chinese TV)
6 August 2004
· 9 On The Town
22 April 2004
· Control
(Univision) Spanish-American TV show hosted by Paco “Pacorro” Galvez
30 August 2003
· Lisa’s LA
16 April 2003
· The John Walsh Show (NBC) hosted by John Walsh
10 January 2003
· Tracks
(France; and seen in French speaking countries - e.g. Germany, Switzerland)
November 2002
· Ripley’s Believe It or Not (TNT) hosted by Dean Cain 16 October 2002
· Sondagsoppet
16 June 2002
· The Big Breakfast (England)
hosted by Mike McClean
20 March 2002
· Fuji News
14 February 2002
· Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends (NY City Cable-TV show) hosted by Richard Concepcion
23 March 2005;
21 January 2002
· The Incurable Collector (A&E) hosted by John Larroquette
11 November 2001
· The Early Show
(CBS) hosted by Bryant Gumbel & Jane Clayson
4 September 2001
· Collector’s Favorites
(LA Cable-TV show) hosted by Sally Shishmania
23 January 2001
· Media One
(Jumbo TV screens in US shopping malls)
December 2000
· 9-KCAL Evening News
19 November1999
· Taiwanese-American Evening News
NATV (North America TV)
3 May 2000;
19 February 1999
· 62-ACTV (American Chinese TV)
(To date: 3 times)
Recently: 18 July 2005
First time: 28 January 1999
· TVBS New
16 February 1999
· 7-KABC-TV Evening News & Morning News
(To date, featured: 4 times) Recently: 24 August 2004 First time:
25 December 1998
· 2-KCBS-TV News
(To date, featured: 3 times) Recently: 21 April 2000— Evening News;
& Our Man Mike (twice)
First time:
25 December 1998

Morning News & The Weather with Roland Galvan reporting from
The Bunny Museum
19 April 2000
First time: 4 May 1998— interviewed by
Gayle Anderson

Neil Flynn
"The Middle" on ABC-TV

Elijah Wood
"The Lord of the Rings"

Elijah Wood & Josh Waller

Daisy Tehon
"Little Fockers"


 Daniel Hennessy

Mia Matsumiya,
a violinist
with American avant garde group,
"Kayo Dot"
and post-rock group, "Gregor Samsa"
25 October 2009

James Gunn
Judge on
Screenwriter & Director:
Screenwriter: "Scooby-Doo"
25 October 2009

Daniel Lacey
Harley Owners Group
San Gabriel Valley Chapter
16 August 2009

Yovana Avalos
KWHY-TV Canal 22
Con Chile Y Limon
4 May 2009

KTLA-TV trucks arrived before dawn,
in the dark, at 5:00 am!


Allie MacKay
KTLA-TV Morning News
5 January 2009

James Lucido, Chris Urbanski, Mel Clinch
& publicist
"Yes Me to Death"
- Band -
27 April 2008

Jeff Galarte
& Andy Goldenberg
- Hosts -
The ManiaTV! Network
17 April 2008

Veronica Delimat
- Model/Actress -
"Georgia Rule"
23 March 2008

Andrea Bond
- Reporter -
11 March 2008

Nancy Rubin
- US Ambassador -
12 February 2008

Kevin McCree & Louis Enston
- Students -
California State
University Los Angeles
January 2008

Leah Thompson
- Student -
California State
University Los Angeles
3 January 2008

Ben Colonomos
- Host -
"Switch On"

8 August 2007

Heather Le Roy
- Comic -
29 April 2007

Sandy Crisp
aka Goddess Bunnie
- Performer -
8 April 2007

Cantara Christopher &
Michael Matheny
Publisher and Editor of
8 April 2007

Katie Daryl
- Host -
27 March 2007

Ericka Pino
- Reporter -
KVEA Telemundo 52
(Spanish TV)
26 March 2006

Justin Kibbe
- Reporter -
Mountain Valley News-TV
23 March 2007  

Gib Gerard
- Host -
22 March 2007 

Deedy Peters
- Actress -
memorable as
Mrs. Phipps on
"House Calls"
- Artist -
12 March 2007

Huell Howser
- Host -
"Visiting with
Huell Howser"

3 January 2007
Episode available for
$22.95 plus tax & s/h
Order (626) 798-8848

Rick Najera
- Host - "BBQ Bill" "Innertube"
To view the "Vegeta-Bill" episode where BBQ
Bill grills up veggies and hops over to the
world famous Bunny Museum, go to Innertube,
click on Watch this Week's Show,
then click on "Vegeta-Bill". 

Rapid T. Rabbit
and Friends
-New York City cable TV-show-
21 January 2002

John Larroquette

- Host - "The Incurable Collector" on A&E
11 November 2001

Sally Shishmanian
- Host -
"Collector's Favorites"
23 January 2001

- Reporter -

Roland Galvan
- Weather Reporter -
KTLA Evening News
19 April 2000

Mike Castellucci
- Reporter -
KCBS Evening News
3 February 2000

Jane Velez-Mitchell
- Reporter -
KCAL Afternoon News
19 November 1999

Gayle Anderson
- Reporter -
KTLA Morning News
4 May 1998

Guardian Angels, 20 March 1998

CBS film crew

"Ripley's Believe It or Not!"
film crew

Steve Lubanski and Candace Frazee with their friends,
Kathy Vara (Anchor, NBC-TV) and her husband Rene Vara (Camerman, NBC-TV)
at the Grand Opening of The Bunny Museum's store,
Bicycles & Bunnies Gift Shop,
12 November 1997.

To All Visitors:
Candace & Steve do accept and appreciate bunny gifts.
(And flowers, vegetables, postage stamps!)



Have a hoppy day!