This museum is not recommended for pre-school children.
It is not a petting zoo. It is a museum.
Children are welcome, for sure, but they are not the target audience.
The Bunny Museum tells the history of bunnies in advertising, 
art, entertainment, fashion, film, and everyday vernacular.
The Chamber of Hop Horrors is for 13-year-olds and up.
(We believe innocence is to be protected.)
The Chamber of Hop Horrors displays the abuse of bunnies throughout time
such as experimenting on bunnies,
"lucky rabbit foot key chains",
and bunnies in horror films, etc.



The Bunny Museum has to date


bunny objects


The last ticketed entry time Mon-Sat is 5:30 pm
Museum closes at 6:00 pm

The last ticketed entry time Sun is 4:30 pm
Museum closes at 5:00 pm

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